Guide to SAVing energy with air conditioning

by Walter Brant

Energy saving tips for buying, using and maintaining window air conditioners and on using and maintaining central (whole house) air conditioning

guide to using fans in the home 

by Walter Brant

There are many types of fans, one perfect for every corner of your home. You can turn off your air conditioning and save money if you buy the right fans and use them everywhere.

guide to saving energy with heat pumps

by Walter Brant

How to buy, use and maintain whole house and portable heat pumps. Here are tips to save you money when heating and cooling your home.

Guide to Saving Energy using Dehumidifiers

by Walter Brant

Energy tips for buying, installing and using portable and whole house dehumidifiers.

guide to Insulating doors

by Walter Brant

How insulate your doors by mounting weather stripping, door sweeps and thresholds, and repairing doors and doorways that allow air leaks.

DIY Attic Insulation and Energy Tips

by Walter Brant

How to choose and install attic insulation. How to find and seal air leaks in the attic floor.

guide to window insulation

by Walter Brant

How to weatherize and repair all types of windows to seal air leaks. How to cover windows with several types of insulating window film. How to cover windows with temporary insulation.

Guide to insulating walls

by Walter Brant

How to insulate your walls by sealing air leaks, and hiring contractors to install insulated siding, fill your walls with insulation, and more. 

by Walter Brant

Here are many things you can do to insulate your mobile home. Also, tips on buying an energy efficient mobile home and how to locate it to use less energy.

guide to insulating mobile homes

Energy Tips to Make Cold Bedrooms Warmer

by Walter Brant

Many things you can do to make bedrooms warmer. Also, ways to save electricity when using a heated waterbed. 

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