Any homeowner who is handy and willing to do many hours of work and invest enough money can insulate a home well enough to greatly lower their utility bills. They must do dozens of small things all over the house and probably a few large ones. This website can show you how to do them. You should do them yourself because for most of them, hiring someone would not be a good investment.

The posts are on topics of home energy conservation and almost all are very long and detailed. They cover energy tips, buying materials and small appliances such as fans, and doing all types of handyman work to lower the utility bills. They also show tools you may need to insulate your home. There are brief instructions on how to do large projects, mainly to show their size and the level of skill required.

We will be publishing posts on other home energy conservation topics.  These may include kitchens, central heating, watering lawns and gardens, indoor and outdoor lighting, central heating, and mobile homes. Please contact me to publish a post in this website, or to edit a post that is un-finished. Click Submit a Post.

If you are an ambitious do-it-yourselfer, you can insulate your home and do many small things to greatly lower your utility bills.